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Colonic Hydrotherapy Herts - Colonic Irrigation Herts

Colonic irrigation, also known as colonic hydrotherapy is a warm internal bath that cleanses the body of poisonous waste that can build up over time. Rapidly growing in popularity, the benefits of a colonic irrigation / hydrotherapy treatment are huge where just one session may be the equivalent to having up to thirty regular bowel movements.

Colonic Wellbeing is a professional colonic irrigation / hydrotherapy clinic. Its practitioner,   Genevieve Woodman, is a member of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy         (I-ACT).  After running a successful clinic in Kensington London for five years Genevieve relocated her clinic to her home in Hertfordshire. This environment leads to absolute privacy and discretion with only one client being on the premises at any time.

The clinic uses the Libbe open system. The embarrassment and discomfort many associate with a colonic irrigation / hydrotherapy procedure is no longer present with this state of the art procedure considered as the Roll Royce of colonic equipment within the industry.  Firstly, the specially designed bed allows the client to insert the thin rectal tube by themselves protecting there modesty at all times. Further, the continual inflow of water and natural release by the client provides an incredible cleanse with the absolute minimum of discomfort.

The clinic is conveniently situated in Welham Green, right in the middle of Potter Bar and Hatfield. It is just a 5 minute drive from all of the following major route exits- J22, J23, J24 of M25 (St Albans, South Mimms, Potter Bar) and J1, J2 of the A1(North Mimms, Hatfield)

At Colonic Wellbeing you really are in safe hands with Genevieve performing well over 6000 colonic procedures to satisfied clients. The highest levels of professionalism and cheap nhl jerseys           2011 NHL Stanley Cup Jerseys        boston bruins jerseys       2011 mlb all star jerseys     new york yankees jerseys     dallas mavericks jerseys hygiene are observed with disposable supplies used with all colonic irrigation / hydrotherapy procedures.

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